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Outfit: Ikat, Shorts and Lace

I had planned on posting a pillow tutorial today, but my camera's batteries are dead, and the charger is at the office, and I am not :) So instead I have an outfit I styled and photographed a few weeks ago with the Ikat Murmur Bustier.


I love wearing shorts in the summer (the ones in the photo are from American Apparel), but pairing it with a bustier top can be a little, well, exposing. I got this lace cardigan/bolero thing at H&M a few years ago, and it is really practical for summer! It doesn't really keep you warm, so I don't wear it the rest of the year, but it's great for covering up without getting to warm.

Posted on March 11, 2013 and filed under outfits.

The first sample!


I've finally finished a sample! I suffered a setback about a week ago, when I realized I can't find the patterns to the skirt and bodice I've drafted. I've looked everywhere. Seriously. I even thought I might have put it in my portfolio by accident and went to the school I'm applying to to look through it - nothing. I don't know where they could've gone, maybe they'll appear again, but I can't wait for that to happen. Luckily I have the muslins, so I'll have to take those appart and trace the pattern from them. Then I can continue making the other patterns!

But back to the sample: it's a cropped bustier for the Gossamer collection, and will be made in Shantung. But I made it in this cotton ikat fabric because it's less fussy and I wanted to really test the fit first. I really like this fabric though! I plan to make a bustier for the Retro Classics collection as well (* I haven't seriously started on this collection yet, but I plan to sell some of the designs I've sewn in the past and new ones too, all inspired by classic silhouettes of decades past with a modern twist), and I think I might use this pattern and fabric for it, if it proves comfortable.


I've been a little obsessed with the perfect bustier top for years, I think it all started in 2009 when I got a lace longline bra at urban outfitters with a front hook & eye closure and wore it as a top over bandeau bras.


This post is also my first outfit post on murmur, and the first in a while for me! I guess this isn't really a thought through, perfectly accessorized outfit, but it's definitely something I will wear in summer, a time when I don't like having any not absolutely neccessary stuff on my arms or around my neck - like jewelry - because I'm a little sensitive to heat (in other words I'm a hot whiny dizzy mess). I think the bustier is perfect for those hot days when I'm like "why do I have to wear clothing? Oh yeah, civilization... whatevs".

The skirt is from last summer, I got it at Zara and it really got me into wearing white! Somehow I didn't really have anything white until then. The blouse I got on sale at Topshop when we were in Dubai for New Years. The fabric is very thin, perfect for adding a bit of "modesty" without subjecting myself to death by heat (seriously I'm so whiny! Summer in Switzerland is over in about 2 minutes and the temperatures rarely go much over 32° C / 90° F and the humidity is no where near as bad as New York.)

Posted on February 19, 2013 and filed under creating the collection, outfits.