Murmur Philosophy

I'd like to create collections that I can add to throughout the years, giving customers the chance to build a solid wardrobe. Instead of producing a separate, new collection every season, I'd like to have a couple of themed collections that I regularly add pieces to.

I'd like to do this for mainly two reasons: I myself am a little tired of ever changing trends. I like to observe them, and every now and then indulge myself, but I'm trying to build a wardrobe that is relatively small, with high quality, compatible pieces. I can still add trend pieces to this every one in a while, but I'd rather save up for a high quality, unique piece. I really like the Idea of continually creating garments that are similar in style and fit, so that customers can pick and choose garments over a prolonged period of time to complete their own wardrobe, with pieces similar in style for every season.

The second reason is a practical one: I am only one person, and I'm not capable of producing an entire collection every season. It makes more sense for me to add new styles in small "batches". Still, I find that I have different sources of inspiration, that I'd like to process in seperate collections, similar to how big fashion labels produce new, themed collections every few months. But, as I mentioned above, this isn't realistic for me. Plus, I'd like to work on some of these themes for a longer period of time than just a few months, and I can do that by regularly adding one or more pieces to the different  collections.

Each collection will have a name, a different "inspirational background", and a style that differs from the other collections.

The first of these collections is called Gossamer, inspired by insects, art deco design and architecture, and vintage fashion (a mix between the 1930s, 1940s and the 1950s). I am currently working on the this collection, and plan to release it around may/june 2013.

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