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Honey Tahini Toast

This isn't exactly a recipe, because it's so so simple, but I wanted to share it because it's my new favorite breakfast food. I didn't come up with this myself though (maybe it's even one of those things everyone but me knew about?), I was having breakfast with my friend Joan, and I had only heard about Tahini the day before and there it was on her kitchen table! She toasted a piece of bread, spread some butter on it, then some honey and finally layer of tahini - so delicous! Sometimes I find honey a little too sweet in the morning, the tahini evens it's out perfectly!


and just to make this post a little more cat-friendly: 

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Blueberry Bagels

I made bagels for the first time last week, and then a second time this week. Why have I not done this before? We used to come back from New York every summer with a carry-on bag full of bagels, that we then sorted into ziplock bags and threw in the freezer to eat during the year. And then a couple of years ago bagels showed up at the supermarket here in Switzerland! We were sceptical, naturally, but they we're round with a hole in them so we tried them. Unsurprisingly they weren't great. They were just too yeasty, and not chewy enough.

 1st batch

1st batch

Still I didn't think of making them myself. I think I was intimidated because bread always seemed like a "big thing" to me. But after seeing a post about bagels on A Beautiful Mess, I decided to try it (also because I was frustrated with sewing but still needed to make something, anything, and that's where cooking and baking comes in). I followed the instructions of the original recipe, but used normal white flour (didn't know where to get "bread flour" and I was impatient) and they turned out fine!

 2nd batch - definitely prettier than the first and slightly more delicous!

2nd batch - definitely prettier than the first and slightly more delicous!

For the second round I bought gluten and added a tablespoon of that for every cup of normal flour I used (because the dough is supposed to be high in gluten), and they turned out even better! Next time I'll make twice as many! I mean, they're not H&H (btw, why did they close??? whyyyyyy????) but they're so much better than the Swiss-Supermarket-Bagels! I encourage you to try this, they're not as complicated as they sound.

(PS: I got into art school! Got the letter today! :D)

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Cress and Cream Cheese

I posted about my Old Kitchen Scales "Cress Garden" on Monday, here's what I made from the cress:


Some people put cress in salads, but we didn't have any salad. Others butter a piece of toast and sprinkle the cress on that. But we had cream cheese, so I thought I'd make myself a fancy cress cream cheese!


First I cut the cress (naturally...), then I emptied about half a pack of cream cheese into a bow. I used scissors to cut up the cress a little more and added it to the cream cheese Then I used our electronic mixer thingy to whip the cress into the cream cheese and make it nice and fluffy!

VoilΓ ! Spread and eat :)

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