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Settling in + Bought: Vintage Patterns

I have internet in my new aparment! Yes! The house is now a home :) Although to tell the truth I didn't miss it all that much, I was so busy painting wine crates, building my ikea desk and buying plants. I don't have my camera chord here yet, so the photos of the things I've made and bought will have to wait for another post. But here's a crappy iPhone picture of my new (old) bed:


The best thing about a large bed, is that when I'm on my laptop and I get sleepy, I don't have to close it and put it away, I can just roll over and doze off.  :) And my new room is so big! There's actually room for all of my stuff!

In other news, I'm finally feeling inspired to sew again! A big part of that was Rochelle's post about a 40s dress she made. The bodice of that dress is the perfect blouse! And the buttons are amazing! I tried to find the exact pattern she used but no luck... and in the process of searching for a similar one (it wasn't that easy! kimono/cap sleeves, no yoke, gathers a the shoulder seams, tucks at the waist, button front, cute collar), I came across a couple other patterns that I needed to buy (obviously):


The first pattern is the closest one I found to the one Rochelle used, and I love the striped version, especially the contrasting pockets! I'm usually not so much into stripes, but in that shade of blue... hmm. But I should really be using up stuff from my stash. The second pattern is very similar to the first, but comes with an original embroidery transfer! Plus it has set-in sleeves, so it's totally different, right? :) The third I got because of the gathering detail at the collar and the turned up cuffs. Maybe I could even make a coat from that pattern? The fourth one isn't exactly special, but I love the artwork and design of the envelope, and I like that the tank has a wide neckline. I really need more sleeveless tops. And pants! I've never made pants (or well, not wearable ones...), so that's always a good pattern to have on hand. Oh my god, the fifth pattern is exactly like a dress in one of my vintage magazines!! I posted it here, I'm talking about the Jean Dressès one. So of course, I had to have it. The last pattern I though might be good for a cowgirl type blouse, another thing that's been on my never ending "to sew" list for years. Maybe something very lightweight with some embroidery?

I'd also like to share the ones I ended up not buying (mostly because they aren't my size), because someone should!

Most of what attracts me to these patterns are neckline/bust gathering details or pocket details. The pocket flap and seamline on the second to last pattern (simplicity 3224) remind me of downward hanging flower petals! The last pattern is a knitting pattern, and I'm not sure if I have the patience to knit something with such a small gauge, but the result looks beautiful...

I hope my patterns arrive soon so I can get started! Anyone else find some nice vintage patterns lately? 

Want, Found, Bought: Furniture & Decor

These past two weeks, I've devoted every free moment to planning my new bedroom - color scheme, art, pillows, bed - and collecting ideas for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

This is the moodboard I've made for my bedroom:

The pillow-covers on the right hand side are on their way to me! I bought them from the etsy shops ElemenOPillows and Motif Pillows. The chair in the lower left hand corner was for sale in a vintage furniture store in Zürich, but someone bought it before I could :( I was so sad! I love the shape and the two tones of grey, I feel like it could be styled so many different ways... it would have been an "investment piece" ah well.

The three paintings at the top are from the etsy shop tastes orangey (from the artist Clare Elsaesser), I love them! I chose those three, but there are so many other great ones in her shop.


The colors I plan to use are dark blues, greys and different shades of green/teal/mint (like the ocean in the paintings) as a "base" , with salmon pink, dark orange and yellow accents (it's a large room!).

There are a few things I've already bought. I got an orange chair (it's darker than in the photo) for this ikea "desk" I plan to buy. At the same thrift store, I found what is probably my most amazing thrift find: a roll of 100% silk, very pale grey crepe de chine! For 32.- swiss francs!!! I calculated that there must be at least 15 meters of fabric on the roll! I can't believe my luck! I plan to make a canopy bed! A very simple one, like the one on my moodboard. I also bought the bar cart below through (like ebay or craigslist but for switzerland), and I'm going to go pick it up this friday!


Of course there are a couple of things I plan to make myself (geometric rug, wine crates for storage, canopy bed!, pillows...), and I'll share those projects when I get around to doing them, probably in late june and july.

Well, that's all for now, I hope to have pictures to show soon!

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Found & Want: Gloves

A few weeks ago, my aunt showed me the collection of gloves that belonged to my grandmother, and it got me thinking about gloves. I know, winter is almost over and now I start thinking about gloves. Even though I live in cold (at least in winter) Switzerland, I don't really have any gloves. Maybe it's because I used to always loose them, that I feel like I can't handle it? Or I just haven't looked for ones I really liked? The thing is, most of the gloves I like are finger-gloves, and they just don't keep my hands as warm as mittens. But why just wear them for warmth? My grandmother had at least 20 pairs, in different fabrics and lengths (she also had a special "glove-leather-soap"!). I doubt she had all of those for purely practical reasons, they were accessories! My aunt gave me this pair, I think they're kinda modern and quirky considering how old they are:



Above is another page from the vintage french magazine I have, gloves used to be an accessory that was taken seriously! I feel like they've become less important, probably because they can be impractical at times (smartphone screens anyone?), but also because I don't see many interesting or special gloves when I go shopping. They all kind of look the same, and are usually a bit boring.

And so I started collecting online glove inspiration, there's so much! I tried to sort them:

Those on the bottom are so weird and cool! It's like Shiaparelli thought "hey, why go crazy on hats only? Let's make gloves weird too!", and the second ones must look so dramatic when worn! And what are you going to do with them once you take them off? It's like you need a seperate bag just to carry your gloves.

I can't resist cute. Just the colors are enough. And the styling in these photos!

It's unusual for me, because I'd pick colors over black any day, but this set is my favorite I think. The one with the fly on it? MAGNIFICENT. And I do not use that word lightly. I actually "omg"'d out loud when I saw those on this moodboard. How did they get the leather to do that? I think if I owned them they'd never get worn, out of fear of losing one (or both).


How cute are these "Granliden" mittens? They are made by Klara Bothén, and sold here.

Even though winter is almost over (hopefully), I don't think I've wasted my time thinking about gloves. At least now I have enough time to decide what I want to buy for next year!

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Want: Vintage Make-Up Compacts

I'm definitely a make-up girl. The first time I had my make-up done was for my first ballet performance when I was seven. It was weird at that age to sit still for so long and have someone dab at you with big powder puffs and brushes, but it was also exciting!
Now that I do my own make-up and bought a make-up table last year, I find myself drawn to make-up that has pretty packaging. I mean, if it's going to stand around on my make-up table, it might as well be nice to look at, right?

There are some make-up companies that add a vintage touch to their make-up packaging, but somehow it doesn't beat the real thing I think! At least not the affordable ones I know of :)

Below are a few images of powder tins and compacts I found online. The colors! The detail! So pretty.

And look, I found this amazing make-up powder for sale on etsy:


If I didn't already have about 50 different collections I'd totally start collecting vintage make-up. But yeah, I don't want to move up another notch on the "hoarder scale" :)

But feel free to check out vintage make-up containers on etsy if you, unlike me, have enough space to keep them!

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