This is a list of links to my past projects, a "catalog" of sorts. Click on the images to see more about the project! 

All Finished Projects:



This is a "mini collection" I'm working on, inspired by one of my (and many other peoples :)) favorite tv-series Mad Men. Basically I want a collection of 50ies/60ies inspired basic patterns that I can whip up in many different fabrics and with different details to make them all different, and to get closer to my dream wardrobe!

To graduate here in Switzerland, you have to complete a project (called "Maturaarbeit") over the course of about a year. The theme of the project can be chosen freely (science, art, literature, music etc.), but there are guidelines (like that there has to be written part, mine was about 35 pages). My whole process took about 1.5 years as I started early. The title of my project is "We Want War" and in short, I designed and sewed 4 dresses inspired by the ocean (more specifically the deep sea) and to a part by the song "we want war" by These New Puritans. My concept surrounding the project is quite complex, and is really important to me since it was my way of expressing things I thought (and still do!) about a lot. For my presentation I also recorded and edited a short video, a sort of "fashion video sketch" and took and edited photos ("campaign sketches") of the dresses and ink in water (to fit the concept).